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Safety at a glance..

Fully welded
aluminum frame, with
aluminum main board.


Welding strengthens the bond where it matters. Reduces points of failures at the joints.

Ensures a fully durable board for harsh weathers.

Aluminum offers light weight for reduced stress caused by vibrations.

Checkerboard decal.
Two colours.
Dibond backer board.


With two colours to choose from,

(Amber & Black) or (Lime Green & Black),

fullfilling customer needs has never been easier.

Mounted on Dibond backer board for improved rigidity.

All-new Plug&Go System.
For seamless connections,
clean & free from debris.


Replace what you need, not the whole projectModule-free, no need to replace entire system.

Improve the efficiency on repair-response times. Give your tech team the breathing room they need.

The cleanest set-up in the market, you won’t find a more efficient set-up then this.

Conspicuity tape,
where it's needed.


DOT compliant, Red & Silver conspicuity

tape for added safety. Apply to the top or

bottom to help with the added security of

alertness for those behind you.

E-7124AB-6 Warning light bar.
Made for the Winter.

Built-In Synchronization for a flawless operating experience. Flash patterns tailored

for the Snow Plow industry. SAE J595 Class 1 certified. Adjustable mounts that

can be allocated for the bottom or rear. 6-pin sealed Deutsch connector for use with

Plug & Go Harness Set.

Designed to make an

Your concerns are our concerns, too. From the added safety benefits that give you more confidence in your work. To using more recycled materials that minimize environmental impact. To creating an adaptable ecosystem that is accessible to all.

Overall structural quality of light remains the same. Lightweight aluminum offering the same integrity at a reduced cost. Polycarbonate lens for better temperature thresholds in Canada.

More Light for Less Cost

Amazing options.


Low profile LED beacon light. Only 3.5″ tall and offers SAE J845 Class 1.

Meets Ontario Snowplow Visibility Requlations

Wide Low profile LED warning light bar. 17.5″ wide and offers SAE J845 Class 1.

Meets Ontario Snowplow Visibility Requlations

Super Bright LED Stop / Turn / Tail Lamps with 5″ Round PAR36 Rubber Housing

Great Visibility in Winter

Heated Lens Options Available

SLIM profile LED light stick. 25″ in length and offers SAE J845 Class 1.

Meets Ontario Snowplow Visibility Requlations

Harness Set with six female mating ends with 6-pin connection. Keeps connection organized.

Plug & Play Easy Installation.

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