Primary Wire (Type GPT) Black – 10 GA
General purpose, low tension & complies with SAE J1128 standards

This product comes in different colours & lengthsĀ (click here)

Product Specifications



Wire Gauge

10 Ga


25 ft Roll

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NameLengthColourWire gauge
W1025-BK25 ft RollBlack10 Ga
W1050-BK50 ft RollBlack10 Ga
W10500-BK500 ft RollBlack10 Ga
W101000-BK1000 ft RollBlack10 Ga
W1025-BR25 ft RollBrown10 Ga
W1050-BR50 ft RollBrown10 Ga
W10500-BR500 ft RollBrown10 Ga
W101000-BR1000 ft RollBrown10 Ga
W1025-BU25 ft RollBlue10 Ga
W1050-BU50 ft RollBlue10 Ga
W10500-BU500 ft RollBlue10 Ga
W101000-BU1000 ft RollBlue10 Ga
W1025-G25 ft RollGreen10 Ga
W1050-G50 ft RollGreen10 Ga
W10500-G500 ft RollGreen10 Ga
W101000-G1000 ft RollGreen10 Ga
W1025-OG25 ft RollOrange10 Ga
W1050-OG50 ft RollOrange10 Ga
W1025-R25 ft RollRed10 Ga
W1050-R50 ft RollRed10 Ga
W10500-R500 ft RollRed10 Ga
W101000-R1000 ft RollRed10 Ga
W1025-W25 ft RollWhite10 Ga
W1050-W50 ft RollWhite10 Ga
W10500-W500 ft RollWhite10 Ga
W101000-W1000 ft RollWhite10 Ga
W1025-Y25 ft RollYellow10 Ga
W1050-Y50 ft RollYellow10 Ga
W10500-Y500 ft RollYellow10 Ga
W101000-Y1000 ft RollYellow10 Ga
NameLengthColourWire gauge

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